Please click here for a map of the districts. This election, all 9 seats–6 district seats and 3 at-large seats–are on the ballot. The election is held on May 7th.

The following candidates will be on the ballot next Tuesday.

West District

Jennifer Mecozzi (incumbent), Facebook.

Ferry District 

Sharon Belton-Cottman (incumbent)

East District

Patricia Elliott-Patton, Facebook 

Kathy Evans Brown, Facebook

North District

Hope Jay (incumbent), Website, Facebook,

Park District

Lou Petrucci (incumbent)

Austin Harig

Central District  

Paulette Woods (incumbent), Facebook

At Large (3)

Larry Scott. Website  Facebook

Jeffrey M. Conrad, Facebook

Desmond Nalls, Facebook

Tim Hartigan, Facebook 

Ann Rivera, Facebook

Jack Kavanaugh. Website, Facebook

Terrance Heard

Carolette Meadows, Facebook







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